Video tutorial on applying Art Deco vinyl - Vogue Magazine Cover

How to Apply Vinyl Decal on a Wall – tutorial

How to Apply Vinyl Decal to a Wall - Video Tutorial

Applying Art Deco Vintage Vinyl Decal.

As we are planning to launch Vinyl Decals sell in our shop, we decided it’s time to get ready for it. We are starting with a video tutorial explaining how to apply vinyl decal to a wall (it’s usually not as straightforward as one could imagine.

For this purpose we used a design which will be launched first… soon.
The design is based on original cover of American edition of the Vogue magazine, back from 1920’s. Size of this particular one is A1 – 594 x 841 mm (23.4 x 33.1 in)

Before you start

The decal will be delivered by a postman in a durable cardboard tube. We will include written instructions.
The decal will be weeded (which means all unnecessary elements – i.e. of a background – would be removed) with a sheet of application tape attached to it. During the application process your job will be to safely transport the vinyl itself from an original backing paper onto the application tape.

Application Process

I do not have much to say in this matter. As a picture say a thousand words my advice is to have a look at the video. And keep asking in case if any questions arose.

Please note: in the video I used a sound track created by Andy Pendeho. You can listen to this tune (and many more) on Youtube.

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